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Textured Parchment Paper (Set of 2)

Textured Parchment Paper (Set of 2)

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Choice of pattern 1 (6 sheets)

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Size: 4.25x5.5" per sheet
12 sheets in 2 different patterns per pack

These textured parchment papers are used for adding an embossing effect on Royal Icing cookies, chocolate...etc. Placing a textured parchment paper onto a Royal Icing cookie while the icing is still wet, place it gently to avoid bubbles. Let it dry as usual and then peel it off slowly when it is completely dry.

Our parchment sheets are food-safe, non-toxic, silicone-coated on both sides, waterproof, greaseproof, and non-curling. These are heavy-duty unbend white parchment papers, each sheet can be used up to several times when treated gently. Suitable for freezing and baking. Heat-safe up to 475˚ F (250˚ C).


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